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Past Presidents 1938 through 2019




The Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter was founded in 1932 as the Philadelphia Metro Chapter and was APWA’s first Chapter. Many public works officials have served the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter as Chapter President. However, records prior to 1938 cannot be found.


Year President

1938 Frederick T. Thorpe Jr.

1939 Robert A. Mitchell

1940 Robert A. Mitchell

1941 George E. Hesselbacher

1942 George E. Hesselbacher

1943 Louis Schneider

1944 Louis Schneider

1945 A.C. Williams

1946 A.C. Williams

1947 Charles A. Howland

1948 Paul MacMurry

1949 Paul MacMurry

1950 George B. Mebus

1951 John L. Keenan

1952 John L. Keenan

1953 Henry D. Harral

1954 Thomas Baldwin

1955 R. Brook Terry

1956 Francis Robinson

1957 David M. Smallwood

1958 Albert J. Marrara

1959 Albert J. Marrara

1960 John J. McDevitt

1961 John E. Bugary

1962 John E. Bugary

1963 John H. Koehler Jr.

1964 John H. Koehler Jr.

1965 Arthur F. Pierce

1966 Arthur F. Pierce

1967 Abraham Michaels

**Chapter renamed the Delaware Valley Chapter in 1968**

1968 Frank K. Remy

1969 Abraham Michaels

1970 Clyde C. Stone

1971 Louis Einhorn

1972 Charles J. Reichardt (Deceased)

1973 Wilburr Webb

1974 Harry Bisco (Deceased)

1975 Eleanor E. O'Donnell

1976 Nicholas D. Melair, Jr.

1977 Kenneth J. Zitomer (Deceased)

1978 Edwin T. Kendrick

1979 Donald C. Phillips

1980 Richard Rohrbach (Deceased)

1981 Leonard Orlando

1982 John E. Spitko, Jr.

1983 William Allen Davis

1984 William J. Marrazzo

1985 Leon (Joe) Steelman

1986 William Kalkbrenner

1987 James R. De Marco, Jr. (Deceased)

1988 James R. De Marco, Jr. (Deceased)

1989 Allen Oesterling

1990 Robert E. Copeland (Deceased)

1991 Stephen B. Lester

1992 Stephen B. Lester

1993 Kenneth M. Eyre

1994 Kenneth M. Eyre

1995 William J. Bryant

1996 William J. Bryant

1997 Joseph P. Roscioli

1998 Joseph P. Roscioli

1999 Rachel Lazarus

2000 Diane Crouthamel

2001 Kevin Koch

2002 Kevin Koch

2003 Donald K. Cannon

2004 Donald K. Cannon

2005 Leonard K. Bernstein

**Chapter renamed the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter in 2005**

2006 Leonard K. Bernstein

2007 John F. Connor

2008 John F. Connor

2009 David A. Lawrence

2010 David A. Lawrence

2011 Daniel E. Malloy

2012 Daniel E. Malloy

2013 Walter F. Jenness

2014 Walter F. Jenness

2015 Domenic Marcellino

2016/17* Domenic Marcellino

2018 Donald K. Cannon

2019 Daniel E. Malloy

* APWA required Chapters to move their Administrative years from a January 1 – December 31 calendar year to a July 1 – June 30 Administrative year. As a result, the terms of all Chapter officers and directors were extended from December 31, 2016, to June 30, 2017.


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