Presidents Message December 2014

Presidents Message
December 2014

It is a distinct honor and privilege to represent the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Public Works Association. Our Chapter is over 120 members strong and growing, in the coming years, we hope to increase the number of people involved in the Chapter activities.

The Public Works Departments in your community are the heart beat of the community and Public Works professionals are the life blood. Please take a moment to consider the functions performed by the Public Works Department and how it impacts on nearly everything you do. It impacts daily life activities such as: the water you drink in your morning cup of coffee, the roads, sidewalks and the transit systems you travel to get to your work or school, the park you enjoy when eating lunch or an evening concert and the clean, efficient removal of your waste and recyclables all serve a purpose or a goal of sustainability and resilience in our community.

What is it that you may need from APWA?

As an APWA member, I have reflected on this question many times, and I offer you this answer.

The APWA is dedicated to being a comprehensive resource for improvement for all Public Works employees. As a Chapter, we try to serve our members by promoting our profession and improving public awareness through an exchange of knowledge through our Chapter activities. Chapter activities typically revolve around the education of our members on issues that we deal with on a regular basis. Our Chapter holds monthly meetings which include occasional guest speakers, as well as, round-table discussions. APWA being the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world provides many tools to help you perform your job more efficiently. Many of our members participate in an APWA INFONOW community, which is an e-mail based tool, which allows you to solicit views from around the country on any topic that may be of interest. There are also multitudes of publications, Regional Workshops and WEB based workshops to utilize. I invite you to explore the many links to the larger APWA community.

In addition, please allow me to point out that most of the people who visit our website have an interest in or are directly involved in what happens in Public Works. As you navigate through this website you will get to meet special individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to the community both in their job and on their personal time. You will learn a great deal about the special work of our Chapter members and our role within the community. It should be no surprise that most of us believe that our Public Works employees are the un-sung heroes of our communities. These are some of the most dedicated and talented people within our communities and are often times taken for granted. It is my belief that we need to give our Public Works Departments all the necessary resources that are available to help them perform their jobs even better.

I would like to thank the Past-Presidents and Board members for their leadership in making our Chapter what it is today. In addition, I would like to thank the current Chapter Leaders for their interest and dedication in continuing the improvement of our Chapter, as well as their confidence in me to lead our Chapter.

Thank you for visiting our Chapter website and I would like to encourage you to let me or any of the Chapter Leaders know what additional resources you may need from the APWA to help you be more effective whether it be within the community or on your job because we are here to assist and serve our communities.

Domenic Marcellino
Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

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